Park City Bistro & Pizzeria – Fuego

About Our Restaurant

It all began with the best pizza in Park City

In 2006 we opened to the idea of creating the best pizza we could in Park City. Not to say there was not a good pizza in Park City, but we wanted to start with the oven and work out way through the ingredients to create the best pizza we could.

So we researched pizza ovens and the market and found that one company was exactly what we were looking for. A wood-fired oven with all of the needs we had in mind.

Next we looked at how we could buy locally and organic when possible to support our local economy. We worked with our purveyors and found quite a few options.

Putting together all of the pieces for what we believed Park City were in need of. Having lived in Park City for nearly twenty years gave us a bit of insight. This town had gotten really expensive and had left a gap in the spectrum. Affordable, family friendly, atmosphere, great Italian food with pizza, were all of what we were aiming at.

Here at Fuego Bistro and Pizzeria we welcome all to enjoy a great meal with us. Come on in; let us show you there are options that provide high quality food at affordable prices.

“Park City’s Choice Pizzeria and Neighborhood Italian Bistro”